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We Pawn, Buy, and Sell Tools

Whether you're a professional contractor or a do-it-yourselfer, find the tools you need to get the job done right from the American Gold Mine.

A wide selection of some of the Tools we Pawn, Buy and Sell:

  • Generators

  • Drills and saws

  • Torque wrenches

  • Automotive hand tools and toolboxes

  • All types of roofing equipment, such as nail guns, stud guns, and more


  • Push and riding lawn mowers
  • Weed eaters

  • Electric and pneumatic tools

  • Chainsaws

  • Surveyor equipment

  • Electrical and plumbing tools and compressors



 Some of the many Tools Brands we Pawn, Buy and Sell:

We have been proudly serving  contractors and do-it-yourselfers in the area for over 35 years with the tools they need or loans on their tools during quick rough patches.