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Saint. Joseph, MO

American Gold Mineis a trusted and honest local pawn shop in Saint Joseph, MO. We offer only quality products such asjewelry DVDs, electronics tools and equipment in great condition. Whether you are looking for one of the best pawn shops or you need jewelry to give as a gift, we have an amazing selection for you to choose from. Our pawn store offers thousands of different items and we also purchase your used items at great rates.

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At American Gold Mine, we take the time to source only the highest quality products that are sure to meet your tastes and preferences. If you need beautiful jewelry from a local jewelry pawn shop or equipment and tools, you can depend in us to supply just what you are looking for and much more. Our showroom is more than 5,000 sq. ft. and is fully stocked with all of the items you might need.

When you need expert assistance, our experienced staff is ready to help you.

We're focused on helping you meet your goals for finding just the right items at the lowest prices. For over 35 years, we have been the most trusted pawn shop offering great services throughout the community.

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When you are looking for one of the best pawn brokers or gun pawn shops in Saint Joseph, MO, you can visit our convenient location. Give us a call with any questions by calling us at (816) 232-2092 today!

Get the cash you need fast with our 35 years of offereing confidential pawn loans and newly added pay day services.