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Where we always leave the cash drawer open for you!

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We Pawn, Buy and Sell Gorgeous Estate and Pre-owned Jewelry!

You don't have to spend a fortune to get beautiful, high-quality jewelry but you can get a fortune for a pawn loan. Check out the full selection of eye-catching, affordable jewelry available at American Gold Mine today, not just to bargain shop but to get an idea of the vast array of jewelry items we loan on.

Diamond Stud Blowout

  • 1/4 CT Total Weight @ $119.95
  • 1/3 CT Total Weight @ $149.95
  • 1/2 CT Total Weight @ $249.95
  • 3/4 CT Total Weight @ $349.95
  •   1 CT  Total Weight @ $649.95


Pawn or Sell Your Scrap Gold

Even your broken, tarnished jewelry has value! Bring in your old or scrap gold today and see how much you could make.


We are always looking to buy jewelry for its gold content, even if it is not reusable.

Are you using your jewelry as collateral

for a loan?


All jewelry loans are kept in our

secure bank vault for your added

peace of mind.