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Payday Loans

A PayDay loan is exactly what the name implies:  a short term loan, determined by your payday, to get you through 2-4 weeks.  A postdated check is taken, with the finance charges added, and a loan is made on the check.


What you need:

Your pre printed checks from your bank-no counter checks will be accepted.

Proof of income within the last 30 days.

Bank Statement within the last 30 days.  

Driver's license, or accepted form of ID.

A personal reference and phone number of someone not living with you.

A piece of mail (not from your bank, or job) within 30 days to determine correct address.


How it works:  

It's quick and easy!

Just bring in the information listed above, write your post dated check and leave with your cash!

Checks can be dated anytime from 2 weeks, to 30 days, depending on your pay period.

Loans can be renewed up to 4 times.


No Credit Checks.


It's that easy!


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